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Team Breezy and Family © 2012 Manning Magic

As the official photographer for the “Breezy” project, I was honored

to cover the “reveal” of Breezy and her family’s room makeovers. Project Director Shelley Ham gave me one of the best testimonials.

Hi Timothy,


These pictures are outstanding!!!! I was thrilled you said, "YES" at the last minute!  I have viewed your work over the years and was delighted to have you capture a "once in a lifetime" moment!  Little did I know you had the additional ability to help us laugh and relax during the group photo sessions!  Thank you for your skill & expertise! 


Warmest Wishes and in gratitude, Shelley Ham,

Director, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, Special Spaces, Inc.

After a year-long battle with bone cancer, 10-year-old Brianne "Breezy" Bochenek recently learned she was cancer-free. San Ramon-based nonprofit “Special Spaces,” which offers children who are fighting life-threatening diseases dream-room make-overs, selected her to be their tenth recipient.

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