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“Hi Mr. Manning, 

My parents recently gave me a framed photo of your beautiful dome photo from the "2001 Space Odyssey" movie night for my 25th birthday. 

Mom said you printed it yourself for us, and the colors are really spectacular. We had had just the version in the Diablo magazine previously but it's a lot darker than this one! It’s fun because we are even in the shot. 

Thank you so much for taking time out to print this one, and give us the opportunity to hang it in our home. It’s fantastic you got a tripod inside the Dome. (Cinemark hasn't been very generous with photo opportunities over the years.)

That theatre meant a lot to us for many years, it's really awesome to finally have such a beautiful photo of it. 

Thanks again,

Chelsea Simmons”

After decades of entertaining the movie-going public of Contra Costa County, The Century/Cinemark “Dome” Theater in Pleasant Hill, California was demolished in the interest of new commerce.

Just a few days after I created this photograph, the theater was nothing but rubble. Above is the last look at its spectacular interior on the night of its last picture show, “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

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