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Lafayette California, Walnut Creek, California, Contra Costa County California,

East San Francisco Bay, California,, photography, interior photography, architectural photography, portrait photography, event photography, digital photography, photo restoration, digital art & design, video production, multi-media presentation, graphic design, faux painting, decorative painting

... is a montage logo sampling that represents the endless number of hours and the great arc of my learning curve. Please contact me about your project.



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Photography and design by Manning Magic

And there were artists, photographers and graphic designers and copywriters.

But now with computers and cell phones everybody thinks they are all of the above-mentioned professionals; and concepts like grammar, composition and style have sadly been thrown to the wind.

Please don’t fall victim to the future of communications. Fall back on the tried and true and present yourself as a “class act.” Call me or somebody like me. 925.683.0725

Once upon a time there was paper and printing;

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